Our Brand

Four Peaks Performance is a highly skilled team of professionals who have a passion for helping customers make positive, lasting change that enables growth, customer focus and improved bottom-line results.

We recognize that change is very difficult – for individuals, teams and for entire organizations. Our goal is to help organizations to successfully navigate their way through the change process, and to dramatically improve in the process.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, we are a relatively new company, but our team is certainly not new to helping organizations navigate positive change. After 20+ years’ experience in positions of increasing responsibility in the manufacturing sector, Ernie Smith founded Four Peaks Performance based on lessons learned in his career leading teams and organizations of a variety of sizes. Caroline Wheeler joined Four Peaks soon after, and with her 10+ years’ experience as a leader in the HR space, Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and hands-on experience helping organizations learn and improve.

Our Methodology

Our approach at Four Peaks Performance is deceptively simple: we help companies change through teaching, leading and doing. We employ the classic, time-proven coaching model (Explain, Demonstrate, Observe, Improve) coupled with clever use of technology to speed deployment and improve sustainment. From on-site, classical training to the use of on-line resources, Four Peaks Performance uses a variety of approaches to help people, teams, and organizations learn new, innovative ways to work together.