Expert Project Management

We recognize that change is tough for individuals, teams and organizations. Change can come in many ways – new product introductions, Kaizen improvement events, change of leadership or organizational structure, or even ownership of the company. In any situation, change is stressful.


 In addition to offering facilitation for kaizen improvement events, leadership training and coaching, Four Peaks offers project leadership services to aide organizations navigate the difficult and stressful process of making change. Whether you are trying to implement a new ERP or other software system, open a new facility, consolidate facilities, introduce a new product or service to your market, change organizational structure or execute a new technology, Four Peaks can help you execute the project expertly. Our project leaders have considerable experience in leading projects of varying size and scope.

Our team uses the same techniques that we teach to organizations as part of our leadership development and Kaizen / Continuous Improvement services. We leverage hands-on leadership, world class communication communication techniques and an attention to detail that ensure our customers’ projects are executed on-time, on budget and that the project objectives are met fully.

As a side benefit, our project leaders are adept at coaching and teaching so that project team members in our customers’ organizations come away with improved skills, techniques and abilities that better enable them to be successful leaders in the future.